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Superbeam - The fastest way to transfer files on Android

One of Androids greatest strengths other than its customization options is its sharing ability.  Whether you want to share with an app or a person there are a wealth of options available on your phone or tablet.   For most people, sharing a picture is where sharing begins and ends in most circumstances. Under most options, file sharing is extremely quick and easy on Android through text, email, nfc, bluetooth, dropbox, etc.   There are numerous options available out there for small files built into the OS or through third party apps, but what if you need to quickly transfer large files to another person in the same room?

The answer to that question is SuperBeam.  This app is reminiscent of S-Beam for Samsung's Galaxy phones but unlike that option, SuperBeam works with most manufacturers handsets.  It works by pairing your phones directly through WiFi direct or through a shared WiFi network.  If both handsets support nfc then simply tapping the phones together will transfer large files at much faster speeds than androids standard nfc interface.  Older devices can transfer files through on screen barcode scanning.

Another advantage to SuperBeam is that it allows the transfer of many types of files that Androids stock nfc does not.  Multiple files are also much easier to transfer at once between devices with one pairing sending all files to another device sequentially versus having to tap separately for each transfer thus making a more efficient use of your time.

I've tested SuperBeam on Samsung, HTC, LG, and Asus devices and it has worked flawlessly 95% of the time transferring files are large as 2gb in just a few minutes.  Attempting these types of transfers by other methods would either fail or take hours to complete.  Those of you who value privacy will also love this method as it does not require phone numbers or email addresses to be given to another person.  The app handles the transfers for you and then terminates the connection when it's done.

There are free and pro versions to SuperBeam with the Pro version removing ads and adding a few extra options.

SuperBeam is available in the Play Store.


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