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Hyperkin's latest update ruins Retron 5 experience: Here are the downgrade links for the Retron 5

Lifesperience is now Raycommend, which can be found here:Ray Commend

There is no easy way to say this.  Hyperkin's latest v2.2 firmware for the Retron 5 is a bug-filled mess which for many people (myself included) will ruin your Genesis experience.  As soon as I upgraded, my Genesis carts would no longer be detected by the system, and sometimes, even the other cartridge slots would stop detecting games.

These were carts that worked perfectly fine on prior firmwares.  They also work on the original consoles (which I also own) flawlessly.  At this time, the Hyperkin website only links you to the v2.2 firmware or strangely enough, the v2.0 beta 6 firmware.

The only fix in my case, was to downgrade back to v2.1 which resolved my issues.  Game cartridges once again detected just fine.  For those of you out there wondering, downgrading is the easy part.  Finding the links for the prior firmware files was the painful part.  Luckily, the pages are still around, and I've linked them b…