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Games and Franchises that I'd love to see on the Wii U

"Wanna see my magic stick?"
In my last article, I mentioned that the Wii U should tap into some old IP's and update them with sequels that take advantage of its unique abilities.  This article is an extension of that idea, and mostly a wish list of what I would like to see on the Wii U.  Most of these games are rare or not as well known as current titles, but they do usually have dedicated followings with purchasing power.  If all of these showed up as exclusives on the Wii U, this would be a must have system for a lot more gamers in my opinion.  Feel free to comment on any games that you believe would be a boon if added, and don't forget to follow me on G+ and the Lifesperience blog.  

Burning Rangers

Sega's Burning Rangers was one of those great games that was unfortunately released during the Saturn's last days.  This futuristic fire fighting game would be a perfect fit for the Wii U's dual screens if done correctly.  With Wiimote support, the virtual firefighting could be a real showcase of the Wii U's control scheme flexibility.  Hopefully, this is one game that Sega has in mind for a spectacular comeback.

No More Heroes

The original No More Heroes really took advantage of the Wii's unique control scheme in imaginative ways that made the game fun to play despite some shortcomings.  It's sequel also added a mini-game element that would be perfect for the Wii U's touchpad while keeping the main game on screen.  An added bonus is this series has a mature element to it that many people feel that is needed on Nintendo's systems. 

Skies of Arcadia

One of the greatest RPG's of all time (imho) and one that sorely needs a follow up of some kind.  The ship battles would be a perfect use of the second screen while your TV displays the battle in real time.  The second screen would also be extremely useful to manage spells and inventory during standard mid-battles.  All of the original VMU functions would work great on a modern second screen (discoveries!) and would further enhance gameplay. 

Guardian Heroes

One of the most fun multi-player side scrollers of all time, this game was one of the original party games that allowed up to six simultaneous players to battle it out at once as any character in the game.  With multiple screen and player support built into the Wii U, this one just seems like a no brainer.  


The Nintendo DS Castlevania games have been some of the finest titles in the series.  While the 3D console games haven't been as universally acclaimed, this would be an opportunity to bring the two different styles of play together to create a unique 3D "metroidvania" style of game. 


Similar to the Castlevania series, the Metroid series has tried both side scrolling with labyrinths and 3D gameplay.  In addition, the Metroid series has also had first person shooter titles.  The Wii U would provide the best way to combine all of these gameplay elements into one spectacular game if done correctly.

Street Fighter

It happened on the 3DS, so why not the Wii?  This would be a great way to get Nintendo gamers to play online more.  Nintendo needs more fighters outside of the Smash Bros franchise.

Ace Attorney

The visual novel that has recently been given both HD and 3D facelifts would be perfect for the Wii U's tablet screen.  This is a perfect pick up and play couch game to relax after work.

Kid Icarus

One of Nintendo's original mascots that has been slowly making a comeback, Kid Icarus has had appeal for decades despite being in few titles.  An HD game with RPG elements on the Wii U would be excellent.  Add some mature elements (since it's based on Greek and Roman mythology like the God of War franchise) to get it up to at least a teen rating and this could be a great hit.  Start with what was done on the 3DS version and make it better in every way.

Panzer Dragoon

Another excellent game that was released near the death of the Saturn, so many people never got a chance to play this game.  Even now, Saturn emulation is still in early stages so to play this game, it would cost you as it's pretty rare.  A full HD remake or sequel would be a great exclusive for the Wii U, especially if it took advantage of the second screen to control your dragon's abilities.

Trauma Center

This is a great series on the DS systems that would be just as much fun in HD on your TV screen.  With the Wii U tablet controller having a bigger screen, you would also have more room to maneuver in surgery.  This would be a perfect title to showcase on the Wii U.


I would imagine that most kids would still love this charming series on a bigger screen.  When parents decide to watch regular TV, the kiddies could still play with their virtual pets on the Wii U tablet controller.  It's a win-win scenario for everyone.


There is a pattern of older Sega games on this list, and with good reason.  The Shenmue series has a sizable following just waiting for a sequel.  With the second screen, the job experience and real time action mini game experiences could be expanded on.  With the original games also dabbling in the emulation of classic games, maybe we can see Ryo play some older handheld systems or even some cell phone/tablet/gps elements to expand his quest even further.


A cutesy RPG that takes place in more modern times, this is a game that is just begging for a sequel.  As with most RPG's, the second screen could be used for managing inventory while you play the main adventure on your TV.


Another rare game makes the list!  The original game may have been a Playstation exclusive but it would now be at home on the Wii U.  The gamepad would be a perfect way to remove the control scheme off the main TV as to keep the focus on the characters dance moves.  Additional tracks could be purchased separately as IAP's depending on what is popular on the radio these days.  It would just make sense.

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