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Latest update for the Retron 5 breaks Master System support *Updated*

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As of 6/27/16, Hyperkin has put an update that specifically targets the SMS issue. The fix can be found here.

Changes since v2.4 include:
  • Fixed issue preventing SMS games from running

Will the blunders at Hyperkin never stop?  I really, really want to like their products, but the Retron 5 debacle has been an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions ever since release.  From stealing emulator source code, to faulty release hardware (since revised), it just seems like Hyperkin just can't get their priorities straight.  This is the company that is currently working on a strange contraption that will turn your cell phone into a gameboy for some reason.

With over a year since since the last official release which was also disastrous, Hyperkin has finally decided to release the 2.4 update.  Below are their release notes:

Changes in application update v2.4 include:
  • Various optimizations and fixes included, resulting in the unit running cooler and more stable 
  • Fast cartridge loading
  • Cheat code support added for GBA games
  • Added support for loading SRAM saves created by third party emulators
  • Fast forward modified to toggle on/off with the configured button combo, rather than the old hold to activate method 
  • Many game compatibility fixes
 These all sound great, in theory.  Who wouldn't want higher compatibility, faster cartridge loading, and better stability?  There seems to be some truth to this, as some of my reproduction carts that used to show up as unknown game under 2.2 now show up with their actual names.  Some recently released games are also working.  

Repro and Unlicensed Games that I tested:
  • Terranigma (Snes, Repro) - Works
  • Secret of Mana 2 (Snes, Repro) - Works (Name screen could be funky depending on settings)
  • Water Margin (Genesis, Mega Drive) - Works, but comes up under Chinese name "Shui Hu - Feng Yun Zhuan"
  • Haunted Halloween '85 - (NES) - Works, but settings/story screens broken.
  • The Legends of Owlia - (NES) - Broken, boots to gray screen.

Overall, it does seem that game compatibility is up overall with games originally released during these systems lifetimes, and even some of these newer releases.  So how did Hyperkin completely miss that an entire system that is advertised as 'compatible' is broken under this release? Particularly when the same issues existed under their last beta (2.3) release?  Did they somehow justnot notice, and just rename the beta release?  Were they forced to rename and release the broken beta release for some reason? 

The Culprit.
SMS games will dump and boot, but will show this message after a second or two.
As seen, the cartridge was most certainly, not removed.
 As per Hyperkins Facebook page, other users have reported this issue as well, both with the original Master system adapter, and the Powerbase Mini (pictured above) adapter.  Just to be 100% certain that this was not a a hardware related issue, I tested the same game and adapter on my Super Retro Trio 3, and it booted and played flawlessly.  My original Model 1 Sega Genesis also worked without a hitch. This is a problem that it strictly on the Retron 5's end. 

R-Type boots flawlessly on the Super Retro Trio 3. 

Plays fine, no crashes. Still looks great.
 I'm going to give Hyperkin a little time to fix this ridiculous oversight. I understand that they are not a large company, but quality should always be #1 priority no matter the size of your business.  Unfortunately, they don't have any way to submit bugs or issues to them in a way that would be helpful. My suggestion to them is for the Retron 5 to dump a log file and rom directly to an SD card in an encrypted file that can be emailed to them directly.  For those of you who have little to no interest in keeping this broken update, here are the downgrade links. As always, your mileage may vary, but I've downgraded quite a few times in the past since their updates have been broken ever since they've been forced to work on their own software instead of "borrowing" others.  The bittersweet part of all this is that this update was the easiest one that the company ever put out. 

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