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What have I been up to? AKA, Lifesperience is now Raycommend on Youtube!!

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It may seem that I have disappeared and abandoned this blog, but in all honestly, that isn't the case. For those wondering, (and thanks for not forgetting me!) I am quite alive and what some would call "well" at the moment.  So... what have I been up to, and why hasn't the blog received an update?

In a word, I've been "Youtubing", (is that a real word these days?), but to be more precise,  I am learning how to create and edit media, which I then upload to Youtube for the viewing pleasure of others. Think about it as a transitioning stage for me. Instead of just keeping to the written word, I am now expanding into media content as well.

For those curious, my page can be found here:  Ray Commend 

Chances are that if you like my content here, you'll also enjoy my channel, so feel free to subscribe and converse with me (and others) there. In case that you're wondering why it's named Raycommend instead of Lifesperience, well, that was a personal choice. In a nutshell, since my name is Ray... I decided to play off it since generally my blogs and videos tend to be about reviewing or recommending cool stuff.  Hence, Raycommend (Ray + Recommend) was born. Overall, it's a better branding fit for me versus  the Lifesperience name. Truth be told, I will most probably keep Lifesperience as more of a blog/vlog while Raycommend will encompass everything else.

Other than working on Youtube material, I decided that going back to school full-time was a necessity in my life, and am currently just a few months away from receiving my degree in Journalism. It has involved some degree of personal sacrifice, but looking back, it's been worth it for the experience alone.

To get back on topic about what I have been up to over on Raycommend. I have continued to talk about and review items such as the hard-to-find NES Classic, 8bitdo products, HDMI converters for the Wii and PSP, accessories for the Nintendo Switch, Castlevania inspired games, new games for old consoles, and even a plant based burger that bleeds like real meat.  Here is an example using the Castlevania video mentioned in the last sentence.

When reviewing something, I tend to go as in-depth on video as I do on this written blog.  In other words, what I call an "overview" tends to have more details that other peoples "full reviews" since I am pretty picky about my work.  For an example, feel free to watch my Gameboy and GBA Games on your TV video.

Of course, I always strive to create my content in a conversation tone that is family friendly.  So, if that this point, you haven't checked out the page, give it a try!  I have also created an Instagram page under the same name: Raycommend Instagram

On Instagram, my goal is to post a lot of fun stuff.  If you're a techie, foodie, or retro gamer, then I feel that you will really enjoy the posts.  I post interesting things that you won't find on other accounts, and generally try to keep an upbeat and positive tone.

My Twitter account as also started to see more activity as well: Raycommend Twitter

Similar to Instagram, I tend to lean towards fun, upbeat pics and topics.  Feel free to follow and jump into conversation or just use it to keep track of when I upload new videos.

I sincerely thank everyone who has visited, read, and commented on this blog and I hope that you'll join the new media page.  The encouragement is motivational and I do have some pretty interesting content planned for the future.  So even if you have been shy, come by, put your feet up and relax!

Thanks again, and I hope to see you all soon,

Raycommend AKA Terry Bodega


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