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Retroarch challenges home consoles with "Retrobox" initiative

As of August 9th, the libretto blog, which Retroarch is based on, posted some interesting news regarding the direction that the project.   Lead developer, Squarepusher has announced that following the next release of the popular emulation platform,(slated to be version 1.1) the project will be streamlined to create what amounts to an open source operating system for many different types of architectures.  The ultimate goal will be to create "Retroboxes" that will allow one to play not just emulators, but original software on everything from low end arm architecture, to high end Intel rigs.

The developer has expressed his frustration with dealing with closed sourced consoles and operating systems, and the performance hits from Android, as well as Linux.  The blog post also discusses his feelings on "open" consoles like OUYA and the upcoming Steam boxes in a direct, earnest way that makes a lot of sense.  Also mentioned are kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns which he feels detracts from the open source vision of the libretto project.   It's a very interesting read, and what amounts to a very ambitious project.

I have previously blogged about Retroarch as a platform that breathes new life to the original Nintendo Wii.  It also runs on modded PS3's, Xbox 360's, the original Xbox, Android, iOS, QNX, PSP, Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry pi, etc.  About the only platforms missing are Windows phone and RT, along with the "Modern" interface, and Web OS.  While I would not hold my breath for a Web OS port, there is a Windows RT/Modern version in the works which should be released in the future.  Exciting times indeed.

The full blog post can be found here, and is definitely worth the read.

I'm looking forward to both the next release, and the evolution of the project.

As always, leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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