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Plants vs Zombies clone lands on Windows tablets: Trolls VS Vikings

For all of you Plants vs Zombies fans who also happen to be fans of Windows tablets, the wait is over!  Trolls VS Zombies is a high quality clone of that game, and just as fun!  The game hit the Windows store recently, and is a free with the option for in app purchases.

The game plays similarly to Plants vs Zombies 2.  In the place of the plants, you have the "lovable" trolls who are defending themselves from the greedy Vikings that want to steal their gold.  The game starts simply enough with slingshot trolls that are nearly identical to the pea shooting plants from PvZ, building up to mining trolls who dig up moonstones, (similar to the sunflower bringing sunshine in PvZ) and so on.  The game has 70 levels, and there are plenty of trolls to collect in the main game with various abilities to protect you from the equally varied Vikings.

In app purchases consist of magic powers, moonstones, as well as certain trolls.  For those of you who don't mind in app purchases, the prices are more reasonable than the ridiculous in app purchases in Plants vs Zombies 2.  Don't get me wrong, they're still pricey, but reasonable in comparison.

The game itself looks clan and gorgeous on both my Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet, as well as my Sony Vaio L desktop all in one.  Smooth animation and effects, with a well done soundtrack round out the package.  There is a hiccup at the beginning of stages however when the game first pans the camera to the right.  For some reason, it slows down and seems to drop frames.   It does seem like something that could be easily fixed in an update however. Sadly, the game does not save progress to the cloud so that you can start a game on one device and continue on another.  This is a feature that was included in Plants vs Zombies 2 that makes it a blast to play.  Hopefully, that will be added in a future update.

The game also provides boss battles and social connectivity through Facebook and/or Twitter.    From my play through, the game is about as difficult as Plants vs Zombies 2.  Definitely tougher than the original PvZ, but very, very playable.

Overall, It's great to see some more native modern ui apps in the Windows store.  Especially fun, quality games such as this one.  If you're curious, the game can be found here for Windows, Android, and iOS devices.  This is also one of those rare times where the American Windows Store gets an app before the Play store in the same region.  Take that as you will.

What do you think of this game?  Is it familiar enough, but with just enough of a unique twist to hold your attention?  Sound off in the comment section!

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