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Is the Smart Watch ready for Prime Time?

With manufacturers working overtime to pump out wearable electronics, do you feel that they are worth your time and money?

For the last 2+ years, I have used my trusty ipod nano with various wristbands depending on what I'm doing.  I also have a Bluetooth adapter which works great with my wireless headphones or the car.  With 8GB of storage, long battery life, and it's diminutive size (even with the Bluetooth adapter) I find that the Nano still suits my needs.

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear 2

That said, this year, the Samsung Gear Fit has piqued my interest.  While pricing has yet to be determined, it finally looks like Samsung may be on the right track for wearable electronics.  The original Gear watch was clunky, expensive, and way too expensive for its limited functionality.  The Gear 2 has made some progress to make the watch itself more useful, but without a price announcement, it will probably be too expensive for its functionality and end up a niche product.

There are also contenders from Sony, Qualcomm, and Pebble.  Click on their names for reviews on those products.  Prices for these start at $200 and up.

The Pebble Steel
Weighing in the pricing of these smart watches as compared to their looks and functionality, I'm just not convinced to part with my money for any of them.  The Gear fit does have potential though, and if Samsung can get it to a $99 price point, then that product may be a success.

Personally, I'll be sticking to my smartphone and the ipod nano (6th gen) for all my needs.  Currently, I am still not convinced that these watches are useful enough for their compromises or to warrant their prices.

How do you feel about this trend?  Are the current improvements in size, battery life, and app ecosystems worth it to you?  Will you simply stick to your already portable smartphone for your daily needs?


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