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Oceanhorn: Zelda Wind Waker Clone for iOS?

Nintendo has some of the worlds most recognizable gaming properties and are very protective of them for good reason. Rarely have they licensed their gaming properties to other developers and when they did this was the result:

Yes folks! That abomination with the Zelda name was running on an expensive 32-bit system.  Even Nintendo's own efforts on far older 8-bit systems that predated the NES are superior to that travesty.  Here are two examples below.

Donkey Kong for the Colecovision and Mario Bros for the Atari 5200

Even with limited hardware, Nintendo has always done it's best to make well crafted games that are just plain fun.  This leads back to the original topic. With Nintendo understandably not licensing their IP's to other developers, what are they to do if they want a Nintendo game?

Clone it, of course.

When I logged into my iPad this weekend Oceanhorn was prominently displayed as an iOS only title in the App store. The screenshots and video for it looked remarkably similar to Wind Waker for the Gamecube. Reviews on the app store are overwhelmingly positive as of this post.  The Verge feels differently in their review. 

I have not tried the game yet (as I have a backlog of games of my own to play through) but it does look interesting and well made. Priced at $9.50, it may come across as steep in a world full of 99 cent and premium apps but many do not look this well made.

Here is a link to the official Oceanhorn blog as well as a CNET review.

Happy gaming folks!


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